Termalna Rivijera

"Termalna Rivijera" is a company established in june 2008 to research and use geothermal energy sources.



The area of 'Macva', especially around 'Bogatic' is famous, even since the beginning of the last century, for it's geothermal properties (the shallow depths, the temperature, as well as the amount of water that can be found).



The investor's intention is to use the well for it's full potential, and so (as most european countries, as well as some of the neighbouring ones – with much less fruitfull wells do) this energy (and water) is planned to be used for a touristical wellness complex (relaxational, as well as recreational).

After the completion of the ideal project it is now time to move on to the main project which involves building in various phases.

After the finishing of the project, and getting all the necessary permissions from the corresponding ministries, as well as the local government, a drilling company was sought to be contracted.


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